Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wombwell Ings

Got up at 7:oo to got to Wombwell ins. I haven't been since late last year,early this year when it was iced over.
On the way to the hide heard/saw green woodpeckers, gulls, lapwings, woodys, blackbirds, moorhens and a nice flock of linnets + a few other things.
At the hide there were golden plovers and lapwings, gulls, wigeon, jackdaws, crows and very busy pied wagtail.
The,re were some Dunlins and some Dunlin style birds that I were unsure about. The cold hindered my birding along with the fact that there was so much water pouring din I could hardly see with the nak Ed eye. Not to mention dunlin style waders aren't my strongpoint. I don't think they were stints but they could have been sandpipers or ringed plovers?
Also saw a great view of a green woodpecker flying- they are beautiful!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pink Glow

7:00pm and I am sat on my bed tweeting and facebooking, (like you do) when I notice that the air around me is covered in a pinkish haze coming from my Veluz window, going straight through the blind. I stick my head out the window and gaze around. To my right I see a dark, blueish grey cludy sky. I pivet my head round, (my eyes taking in how big the new school looks now and how well it is coming on) a beautiful pinkish peachy glow penetrating the Autumn Clouds, a very gorgeous evening sky- I love the Sunset.
Running downstairs I open a draw and pull out my camera, put the strap round my neck and go back upstairs for pictures.      *Pics coming soon- if there any good that is, I havent even looked at them!